Princesse africain Henri Kerels

Zeer mooie Heliogravure in 4 kleuren
Perfecte staat

B: 20cm
uitgave 1930- 1931


Thank you for your website. I happen to possess the original drawing of this image, including a note signed by H. Kerels. Could you please let me know the reference of this book ? Thank you very much in advance.
I'm sorry I can't help you. I was very fond of the picture with a frame around it and I couldn't resist buying it. Later on I found the text at the back of the image Maybe you better contact someone via the names on the other page. Can you tell me the sizes of the original drawing and do you have a photo of the drawing? greetings.
Dear Sir, thank you very much for your answer. I understand your point, it is a very beautiful drawing. Actually, following some searches, I'm not sure that I have "the" original, it could be a lithography taken from the book Le Musée du Livre, commented and signed by H. Kerels (I'm also searching for that book) and framed as such. Im not in France at the moment, but when I come back in April, I will send you the dimensions and a picture. Anyway, many thanks again for your kind message. Greetings
Quel est son prix svp merci
Désolé Melisse mais elle n'est pas à vendre. Je veux seulement des informations sur l'artiste et son travail.